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Through her travels across several continents for the past two decades, Tea Mäkipää has a firsthand view of the consequences relating to the industrial exploitation of our planet. She creates with an awareness of humanity’s impact on the ecological balance, biodiversity and on individual human life itself. Hence, her intention is to shine a light on the dark side of our consumer culture. In her installation Windows Mäkipää has condensed her observations into eight wall fragments in which she combines photographs, videos and objects.

Windows functions like a theatrical backdrop in which each of the wall fragments furnishes information about the people that live behind it. Each window within the wall fragments permits views either of interiors or exteriors. The boundaries between them are the points where opposites converge, at times even collide! On the one side there are our own notions, dreams and wishes and on the other side there is a shared reality - made by us human beings - which no longer does justice to the way we would like the world around us to be. Indeed, reality more often contradicts our longings now. Windows shows us both sides at once. As Tea Mäkipää sees it, every single one of us is both the cause and the victim of the opposites and extremes shown in her tableaux. For her, such awareness and insights convey the challenge to accept our responsibility - now.