Escape Allee

2000 x 700 x 300 cm

A shopping street selling ideas, life styles, political agendas and entertainment - like Facebook but in real space. All messages compete of attention with the same intensity. Functioning democracy needs the citizens to be well-informed, rather than distracted.

Video art: Tak Acker

Sound art: Sami Kiiski

Escape Allee 1
Escape Allee 3
Escape Allee 4
Escape Allee 5
Escape Allee 6
Escape Allee 7
Escape Allee 8
Escape Allee 9
Escape Allee 10
Escape Allee 11
Escape Allee 12
Escape Allee 13
Escape Allee 13
Escape Allee 14
Escape Allee 14
Escape Allee 15
Esacpe Allee 16
Escape Allee 16
Escape Allee 17

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Escape Allee

The installation Escape Allee takes us into a street lined on both sides with shop fronts. This is where various businesses and organizations have their service centres, headquarters, kiosks, agencies and offices. Each of them offer us products and services with an array of logos, signs, signals and graphic elements, based on the visual strategies of product design and advertising. Taking a stroll, the viewer is confronted by a multitude of goods and services underpinned by ideologies and beliefs which either compete or are in open conflict with each other. With a plentiful touch of dark humour, Tea Mäkipää exposes the absurdity inherent in many of the offers when being viewed from a wider perspective.