Motocalypse Now

Two installations and soundtrack for indoor and / or outdoor use
Size: Large Mercedes – variable

A constantly burning car, that looks like there is passengers trapped inside.

Soundtrack: Motocalypso by Tony Ikonen

Motocalypse Now 36
Motocalypse Now 35
Motocalypse Now 34
Motocalypse Now 33
Motocalypse Now 30
Motocalypse Now 29
Motocalypse Now 27
Motocalypse Now 26
Motocalypse Now 24
Motocalypse Now 23
Motocalypse Now 19
Motocalypse Now 18
Motocalypse Now 17
Motocalypse Now 16
Motocalypse Now 13

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Motocalypse Now

In the installation Microclimate, the passengers appear to be trapped inside a flaming and smoking vehicle. The cabin is filled with smoke and pollution and the figures are scratching and knocking the windshield in agony, unable to get out of the capsule.

Motocalypse Now shows a Mercedes car transformed into a grave monument of itself. Like a sarcophagus or tombstone, the car is covered with ivy and other vegetation and is slowly being consumed by natural processes. A marble plate, partly visible through the ivy, reads, «Petrol-Fuelled Car, 1885 – 2010, Rest in Peace».

The installations intone a requiem for the extraordinary success of petrol-fuelled cars. This petrol era was proven very effective and beloved by masses, but in the long run too harmful towards the environment. The end of the petrol culture has reached its final moments, and in the installation this is celebrated by a roaring and boisterous swansong.