Video DVD
Running Time: 20:00 min

Series of C-Prints
each 27 x 36,5 cm

Link 18
Link 17
Link 16
Link 15
Link 14
Link 13
Link 12
Link 11
Link 10
Link 9
Link 8
Link 7
Link 6
Link 5
Link 4
Link 3
Link 2
Link 1

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This film documents the calm social life that Link, a creature that is half-man, half-monkey, lives with his mother on a small island of Finland, – a paradise of nature away from civilization, until one day, his harmonious existence is interrupted by a journalist who comes from the city to meet him…

The film explores the dilemma between Homo sapiens and nature, of how science and technology have created friction between man and nature, and gives us his controversial view.

It suggests a reconsideration of human evolution with the possibility of starting a new developmental model, rather than searching for future technologies to solve humanity's problems.